> Mistakes of the modern web

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The title is over-dramatising, but the modern web has truly gone astray. If I had to compare the situation to something else, it would be using a hammer for all jobs, not only those involving nails.

The web used to be a clunky thing, only accessible to few, costly and slow. However, the potential was seen in it, and advancements have been made to improve it. In the end, we got a great tool for transferring information. But that's where it went downhill. Web was designed mostly for making textual websites and transferring textual information. Or should I say, static information, not to disregard static images and similar.

What happend instead? As web became an easy platform to develop on, everyone started abusing it and making everything on it. Lots of web applications are around, doing much much more than transferring information. One of the worst examples I've seen was this. What I'm implying is use of web technologies for things that don't belong to that realm whatsoever. And why is that? Web is inefficient. There are a lot of overheads to it, as well as not being designed as an all encompassing framework for development. Due to being abused, now all those widely used applications run on top of an inefficient platform, requiring the user to buy unnecessarily more powerful(and expensive) technologies just to be able to run them properly.

Moreover, since web has become so generic, but runs on devices which are far from generic, the development of cross-platform applications has been made difficult. Web developers will find themselves having to redesign their websites for mobile devices, as their screens are smaller and desktop version would look awful when scaled down. There are also many features only a portion of browsers support, so you end up either not being able to use them, or having to make your users change their browser of choice, both of which are undesirable.

Another problem of the modern web is privacy. Privacy has been completely thrown out of the window. And centralisation. Main offenders of privacy are Google, Facebook, you can probably guess the rest. Almost any website you go on nowadays will fill your browser with cookies, will almost surely have Google Analytics analysing their users' behaviour on the page, and profit off of any data the collect. The reason for all that is businesses treating websites as sources of income in themselves. Sites should optimally be used as an advert, to give info to potential customers and enable them to quickly gain information about your business and therefore make them happier with the service. Instead, as I've said, websites are now products in themselves, supposed to do all kinds of things not appropriate for web and to generate big profits for the owner.

I feel like I would digress if I continued, so let me conclude. My take on the issue is that web is used for things it shouldn't be used for, which creates problems for users and developers alike. If I may mention, on economical side, webdev jobs are normally paid less than other jobs within software development, which means general quality of the product will also fall. The easiest solution is for everyone to stop abusing web and develop native instead. Other solution is to reform web to make it an all encompassing platform for developing applications, but that would essentially make it an operating system, so that is esentially just ruining web.