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With the redesign of the webpage, I thought it appropriate to write at least one new article. After giving it some thought, I decided to write about automation today.

Automation is a beautiful thing. Most humans do not like doing the same thing over and over again. That thing could be factory assembly, writing boilerplate code, or even on my own page, there are some lines of HTML I have to write in every new article document I make. The work is very tedious, if not physically, mentally for sure. But with a 10 minute script, I have been freed from that job. I can focus on writing good text in plaintext while I can let my script do the HTML formatting for me. In factories, most of manual work is done by machines which are more efficient than humans, and also complain less. As machines do the tedious work, humans can focus on things humans are good for, that is creative and intellectual work.

Some people however seem to be afraid of jobs getting automated. But I wonder why. I find it hard to believe there is a functioning individual whose sole talent is hammering nails. And if my assumption is correct, then they will be freed from the burden of doing the menial labour and will be free to do something more intellectually fulfilling. In fact, I believe the population will have to transition, or perhaps evolve, into a more intelligent form, so to speak. Now, do not misunderstand, I do not mean to say everybody will become an academic. Sport is also intellectually engaging, and therefore I count sport activites amongst the ones I mentioned before. People will be able to pursue their interests more and have a higher standard of living.

However, the job of maintaining the machinery will still remain, and it could be considered a mind numbing activity, so you can not say that all menial labour will be abolished. Nevertheless, a great majority of people will not have that responsibility, and those who do will probably have a fair compensation. In the end, there are no bad sides to it, I would say.

Now, if someone can truly only hammer nails, then tough luck on them. Why should whole humanity halt for a single underdeveloped individual! Evolution(and revolution) always leaves someone behind.